Findings and conventions

When developing the BrainStore toolset we built on findings of over 20 years in innovation and change work. At certain points - for simplicity reasons - we had to make decisions regarding the conventions. This means: we defined parameters to ensure the logic.

Curiosity has been our main driver in our quest for simple, scalable and replicable tools.

The following pages contain information that will make it easier for you to understand the "whys" behind the "whats" and "hows" in the tutorials.

  • Our development is driven by BrainStore's purpose
  • Tool development is subject to BrainStore's Code of Conduct
  • The tools are aligned to the DNA of Innovation
  • The Idea Machine Tools are based on the Idea Machine process
  • In software programming, we orient ourselves on development principles from the agile community

In the development process of processes and tools we work with the following priorities

1) Security
2) Reliability
3) Simplicity and beauty
4) Adaptability
5) DRY principles (don't repeat yourself)

BrainStore's Purpose and Code of Conduct

The DNA of Innovation

Innovation wird oft auf Brainstormings reduziert. Und Brainstormings funktionieren oft nicht. Das BrainStore-Team hat die DNA der Innovation entschlüsselt und 34 Bausteine in sechs Kategorien identifiziert.

Der BrainStore "Get. It. Done"-Mindset

Schweizer Präzision und kreatives Chaos bilden den "Get. It. Done"-Mindset.

Capitalize on the simplicity and scalability of the Idea Machine process

Frische Ideen auf Knopfdruck mit der Ideenmaschine

Die Ideenmaschine ist ein Satz an einfachen, robusten, skalierbaren Prozessen, welche es einem Team erlauben, frische Ideen zum einem bestimmten Thema "auf Knopfdruck" zu entwickeln.

Conventions you need to know

BrainStore Design Principles

All tools integrate BrainStore's design principles

BrainStore fonts, colors, logos, images, sounds and more...

Markdown - A simple language for design support

Wherever possible we enable the organizing team of projects to work with markdown - a simple language which allows to style content to tast that replaces cumbersome HTML code.

Add Content with Markdown Syntax

The Pay-What-You-Wish-Principle

Kosten: Pay-What-You-Wish

Bei BrainStore bestimmt der Kunde den Preis